Tornado Survival Planning with Renters Insurance in Oklahoma

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Renters insurance in Oklahoma is intended to help with the costs of replacement and/or repair of your personal goods after damage caused by an event such as fire or windstorm, for which you have purchased cover. While this means your things might be taken care of, what about you and your family?

Do you know how to prepare to survive a tornado? The Office of Climate, Weather and Water Services (OWS) provides a range of advice including the need to:

  • 1. Put together survival plans for home and when outdoors. These plans must be practiced. Only by practicing can you find out whether your plan is likely to work or not and what you need to amend to make sure it works.
  • 2. Be familiar with your local area. This may help you work out how to move around storms and it might help you know where to go for shelter if caught outside.
  • 3. Keep alert for official warnings AND keep an eye on the weather in case a tornado forms too quickly for warning to be given.

According to the OWS, the most important thing to do in the event of an approaching tornado is to seek shelter immediately. Saving your possessions should not be a priority. Your renters insurance in Oklahoma is in place to help with the costs of replacement but it can’t help protect you or your family.


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